“It’s Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself”.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Be excited because today is the day you get to start reinventing yourself.

Put on some Reiki, Zen, Piano, (whatever resonates with you) music, maybe something to evoke your spirit which will help you find your purpose.

Fix yourself a cup of tea.

Light a candle or burn your sage smudge stick while your tea is heating.

Open a window to help release negative energy from your home.

Find a quite, beautiful place to sit and listen to the music while you sip your tea. Maybe on your porch or outdoors so any negative energy can dissipate and you can absorb the beauty of nature.

Clear your mind and breathe (takes practice).

After this do a few stretching exercises to show your body some appreciation.

Grab a paper and pen/pencil/paint marker; something pretty to write on and with, maybe even one of your color book pages you can jot down thoughts along the edges.

Without thinking about your current circumstances; where you live, what you do, what you’ve done, your age, your health; write down your dream life; the career that will make you happy, where you will live, where you will travel, who you will be with, people who make you happy (known or not yet met), how you will dress, items that make you happy, activities that make you happy, how you carry yourself. Everything you can think of you can do. This is where you’ll start.

It is never too late to reinvent yourself and become the person you’ve always dreamed of or get back to that person that you once were.

Change starts from within and your thoughts become your reality.

When/if any negative, destructive, or self doubt creeps into your mind, go back to your page and doodle, draw, color, write, read and remind yourself what a STRONG, CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN/MAN YOU ARE!

I believe in you and can’t wait to see you blossom through this new challenge in your life.

Be invigorated, enthusiastic and excited as you rediscover yourself.

And, just so you know, just writing this note to you is giving me the same incentive. Let’s do this together!!!!!!!! Have a terrific day!!!!!

Peace Love and Joy


Spring is in the air……

Ahhhhhh……..spring is in the air here in the Midwest.    Yesterday I was out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.     Raking leaves, cleaning up last year’s garden, chickens free ranging once again, birds and bees out and about!      Country tranquility……good for the heart and soul.

I am so ready for this……

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Pictures from my gardens 2015 and 2016……

Though might get more of this…….


Picture of the creek that runs along our lane.  Feb, 2016

But that’s okay…..

Soon, I’ll be able to be out and about creating in my gardens…..lovely flowers, herbs, and fresh vegetables.    Attracting birds, bees and butterflies……

Until then, I will be creating in my studio………..lovely hearts and flowers, crosses and angels, dreams and wishes, birds and butterflies….and a few new and unique designs in the making       Cool and unusual jewelry, gifts and treasures handmade for you or that someone special.     Like these………


Keep working at it until your dreams come true!
Keep working at it until your dreams come true!

IMG_8982PMBX5112019 (2)CTFV8863

Just like the weather, things are always changing in my treehouse.      So, be sure to check in from time to time to find that perfect necklace or pair of earrings to go with your new spring style, or that perfect gift for your cool hippie chic friend, or a little note card to brighten someone’s day……. JudysTreehouse.etsy.com

Have a wonderful day.    Thanks for visiting!   Happy Spring!