My summertime creative muses……  a.k.a. a walk through my gardens.    If you were ever to visit my gardens you might see weeds and bramble or you might see flowers and vines……you might see icky bugs or butterflies ….. you might see work to be done or buried treasures……. I hope if you were ever to visit my gardens you would find the magic they hold.     Life is how you decide to see it!    Enjoy!

Peace Love and Joy


“And The People We Meet Along The Way”

unique gift for friend housewarming hostess hospitality thank you gift

Do you ever wonder…………..

why you happen to meet a person……….

at that one certain time……….

in that one odd place………..

under the weirdest circumstances?

Maybe you just simply smiled at someone and you made a connection.    And that person smiled back and said Hi.      A simple action followed by a simple word and a new friendship relationship is built.

I’ve had the pleasure on a few occasions to meet a few people by chance.    And those unlikely meetings have blossomed into the most wonderful relationships.

My husband!    The chances that we’d meet were unlikely but a connection was made and we are living together Happily Ever After.

New friends… know who you are!     Although we live hundreds of miles apart we’ve established the very strong bond of a true, real lasting friendship.

Old friends……you know who you are!     Although we may have drifted apart over the years, as life takes us down different roads and new journeys, we still manage to find our way back to one another, even if only for a moment or two…..always we remain with each other in heart and spirit.

Friends of friends……you may not know who you are but I do!   I appreciate knowing you through my relationships with others.

Think of the hundreds or maybe thousands of people we run into by chance.    Some we may never see again but there may have been a tiny flicker of acknowledgement.       A small catalyst that could ignite a forever relationship.

Think of the thousands or millions of people we will never meet but touch our lives through ways we will never even realize.    The person who packages up your Amazon order; or cooked your delicious meal; or cleaned your hotel room; or hauled away your trash; or made your new dress…….    Do you ever consider these people?     I try to.

There are so many people that touch our lives.    So many that it would be impossible to have a meaningful relationship with all of them.   But how awesome if we could…….make a special place for each other.     And we can and should, even if only to share a smile, a hello, a thank you.    Because, as the saying goes, nice matters.

My “people” are so very special.    I appreciate each and every one of you.    What a delight it is when you reach out and share a little piece of yourself and suddenly a new relationship begins to blossom……

Life is a journey and the people we meet along the way become a part of our narrative…… ways we may or may not ever know.      Seek out and embrace the good in each and every interaction.     The life you live is your story, the people you meet are your characters, each day is a new chapter.    Make it a best seller!

Peace Love Joy



“Black and White”

Black and White……Together in Perfect Harmony!

One of my all time favorite songs.     Video from YouTube!   Enjoy!

Black and White from around the farm!

Grandma's Old Chicken House 096 Black Snake at JudysTreehouse.jpg Black Snake at JudysTreehouse Black and White Image Flowers Black Butterflies on the FArm Flowers on the Farm Tulips in Black and White Sunflowers and Butterflies Britches the Rooster at JudysTreehouse Cows on the Farm at JudysTreehouse Roses at JudysTreehouse Turtles at JudysTreehouse Flowes at JudysTreehouse Queen Anne's Lace Wild Turkeys at JudysTreehouse Blackberries as big as your thumb Full Moon Where your imagination takes you Flowers from my garden queen anne's lace The Girls Chickens Free Range Chickens Bridgette Moth Morning Glories on the Farm Queen Anne's Lace at JudysTreehouse Happy Chickens Butterflies at JudysTreehouse Ramses watching the snow at the Farm New Life on The Farm JudysTreehouse - Copy New Life on The Farm JudysTreehouse Butterflies at JudysTreehouse Wildlife in Illinois Misty Morning on the Farm Dusk Fox on the Farm Garden in Winter Wildflower Hill Pretty Rooster! Harvest Moon Sign Black Butterflies in my gardens Garden Blessings Beautiful Black Butterflies on the farm Free Range Chickens Night time on the farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the FArm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Farm Living Snowy Pastures Winter Grain Bin on the Farm Winter on the Farm Snowy Creek After the Rain Cute Bulldogs Otis 042 Wildflowers 029 Queen Anne's Lace Daisies Otis in a room full of prisms Spring on the farm Wildflowers in the woods Old Farm Trucks Birdhouses in my gardens White flowers Grandma's Peonies Welcome to the Farm Wildlife in Winter Owl in a Tree Winter on the Farm winter farm pics Peaceful on the farm Snow on the farmFree Falling on the Farm The Buzzard Tree

Black and White you might find at

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Bohemian Charm Necklaces at JudysTreehouse.jpg

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Angel Coins…….Coins from Heaven

I believe………


This is my jar of dimes.   Not just any old dimes, they’re special.     You may have heard that old saying (or song) “Pennies From Heaven”

What a beautiful song…..(link copied from youtube)

Like pennies from heaven, I receive dimes from heaven and/or my guardian angel perhaps.     It’s true!     And, I believe.

I’m not sure when I started actually “noticing” these dimes that would show up out of place and for no apparent reason.        On a step as I was climbing the stairs from my basement…….the steps that I had just gone down but hadn’t noticed a dime.          On the kitchen counter plain as day.    In a shoe….yes, a shoe.       In my pocket…….might seem a normal place but why in my pocket where the only thing I keep is a tissue.     In the washing machine, again might appear a normal place always just one single dime.      On a couch cushion.

Yes, all seemingly normal places to find a stray coin but for me it’s always that one single dime.   No other coins.   It shows up out of the blue……shiny and bright………all by itself……..for me to find!     And that is my way of knowing that it is a special coin.     I see it.    I notice it.    I pick it up and pause.      Always, always makes me smile and brings me a feeling of peace, an affirmation that things are as they should be.     It is a gift, a sign, a message of hope and joy.

Somewhere along the way I decided these little tokens of love, encouragement, peace, joy, remembrance needed to be gathered and kept…….so here they are, in a pretty little vase on my desk.

They don’t come often which makes them so very special.

Maybe you’ve noticed your guardian angel, too.     I believe we all have one, they just show themselves in different ways.    Some may be in a different realm of existence, some may be living breathing people.      Sometimes you see them, that person that pops up out of no where with a word or action that was just the message you needed.    Sometimes you may not.    But they’re there.

I was a bit hesitant to share this story, not because I was afraid you’d find me strange, but because I wanted to keep it to myself, it’s special, it’s mine.     But, no, I decided to share because I do believe.    And with belief comes hope.    And with hope comes strength.   And with strength comes action.     And with action comes results.

So believe……in yourself……and in God…….and in Guardian Angels…….and in “Pennies From Heaven” and do things, good things, with this amazing life……and you will find your way!

Goldenrod and Monarch Butterflies
Goldenrod and Monarch Butterflies

Merry Christmas

Tis the season……..

To Celebrate Jesus……

Away in a Manger....
Away in a Manger….

To spread joy and good cheer.

To be generous and caring.

To create and share memories with family and friends.

To enjoy family traditions.

To find wonder in all things big and small.

To cherish the moments.

To believe in magic and miracles.

To count your blessings.

To reach out to others.

To smile.

To laugh.

To by jolly.

Merry Christmas to you!   From our home to yours.     May your days be Merry and Bright and your New Year be filled with joy and good cheer.     Judy