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Been keeping busy wire wrapping beautiful, earthy gemstone beads to create these unique Large Brass Cross Statement and Small Brass Holy Spirit Dove Pendant Necklaces for Women.    Unique handmade jewelry by Judy Rebman.  Find them here:

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Jewelry creations in the works…..

I just finished this Bohemian Style Layered Necklace Set today.    And, I absolutely love how it came out.

I’m calling this series of layered necklace sets, “Dandelion Dreams” and “Star Wishes”.

Layered Bohemian Necklace Set by JudysTreehouse
layered bohemian necklace

The set contains two necklaces.

One long beaded necklace with earthy gemstones I’ve hand wrapped with brass wire, patina’d and hand polished.

The long beaded necklace is adjustable.   It can be worn as a long single strand, a mid length double strand, or a triple strand choker.

Long Beaded Necklace by JudysTreehouse
Long Beaded Necklace part of the Dandelion Dreams Bohemian Layered Necklace Set

Depending on your wrist size, the beaded necklace might also work as a Bohemian Style Wrap Bracelet.    Give it a try.

The second necklace in the set features one of my handmade pendants in either brass or copper.     Although some pendants may be similar, the patina process and design application makes each one unique and pretty much one of a kind.

The pendant dangles from beaded gemstone links on an antiqued brass or copper plated jewelry chain.

Unique Pendant Necklace, Statement Necklace, Dandelion
Handmade Pendant Necklace by JudysTreehouse. One of two necklaces in the Dandelion Dreams Bohemian Layered Necklace Set

The necklaces can be worn separately or layered to create your own unique Bohemian Gypsy Style.

Bohemian Layered Necklace by JudysTreehouse
Bohemian Layered Necklace by JudysTreehouse

Picking out the gemstones to match the pendants is an enjoyable part of the creative process.      Here are some of the pendants waiting to be made into cool necklaces along with a few of the many gemstones I currently have on hand.

handmade by judystreehouse
Pendants and Gemstones

And, here are a few of the pendants I’ve matched with gemstones.      Beautiful amethyst, black onyx, African opal, and blue/brown agate are just a few of the gemstones I have on hand.     And, I’ve just made another order for more gemstones today!

judystreehouse handmade jewelry
judystreehouse handmade jewelry

What’s up next?    Here is a necklace set that I have just started.    It’s a “Star Wishes” pendant in brass.     The gemstones are multi colored amazonite.     And together this will make another lovely Bohemian Layered Set.

handmade by JudysTreehouse, Bohemian Style Jewelry
in the works by judystreehouse. Star Wishes Handmade Pendant and Amazonite Gemstones.

It takes me a few days up to a week or two to finish one of these necklace sets.     Depending on what I have on hand supply wise (I go through a lot of wire and jump rings).

The pendants I do have on hand.    Recently completed, they are finished and ready to hang.

The beads are each wrapped by hand and linked with small jump rings.    The jump rings are an extra finding that some designers may or may not use.    I prefer to use them as I find the necklaces have a better drape and less “kink” when using the jump rings to connect the gemstone links.

In the Dandelion Dreams necklace set completed and shown here, I’ve wrapped 71 gemstones to create the long beaded necklace and 12 gemstones to create the pendant necklace.

The next step is the patina.      And after the patina is the hand polishing.    I use very fine steel wool to hand polish each wire wrapped bead.    This process is a must in my wire wrapped creations as I find it smooths out any nicks or gouges that may have occurred during the wire wrapping process and takes the darkened patina’d metal back to a shiny, antiqued finish.

That’s a lot of wrapping and polishing but I don’t mind.    I love the entire process. Just need a little break now and then to work out the kinks in my fingers and neck.

So there you have it.     One of my new necklace designs with more to come.   If you are interested in purchasing one of these necklaces custom made for you, contact me.  (prices may vary)

Here is a link to the completed “Dandelion and Dreams” Bohemian Layered Necklace shown here:

Dandelion Dreams Layered Necklace Set, Orange Blue Sodalite

It is available at my shop,

As other sets are completed, they will be available for purchase also at (prices may vary)

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