New Adventures in Alchemy

Well, I haven’t unearthed the secret chemistry to convert base metals into gold…….


I am totally enjoying my newest endeavor……….



“Electroforming is a metal forming process that forms parts through electrodeposition on a model, known in the industry as a mandrel. … The mandrel is most often separated intact or dissolved away after forming, but occasionally (as in the case in decorative electroforming) left in place.”   As so defined by Wikipedia

Don’t know how I stumbled across this cool process but glad I did.    The internet is an amazing source of creative catalysts.     While searching for something not even remotely associated with electroforming, or so I thought, a YouTube video caught my eye.   Then one thing led to another and before I knew it I had purchased all of these gadgets and chemicals and protective gear and what nots……because I just HAD to give it a try.

Now mind you as I’ve grown older I’ve become much wiser (ha, ha, let’s say I have).    And, had I known then what I know now I would have been a much more attentive student back in the day.     Researching electroforming and finding all of the technical terms and formulations can be quite intimidating.   Especially for someone like me who was always present but often bored during her high school years doing just enough to get by.    Imagine if I had really applied myself.    Oh, well, it’s never too late to improve, enhance, and grow in ways you might never have imagined.

Electroforming………’s complicated, it can be dangerous, it’s messy, it’s time consuming, it’s marvelously interesting and challenging and frustrating and enjoyable!

So, here are my first few pieces.     Are they perfect?     Hmmm, well, that’s a matter of opinion.     I think they turned out awesome!      I still have much to learn and a lot of hands on trial and error but each piece that comes to fruition is an amazing piece of self satisfaction and joyful accomplishment (pat self on back).   Plus, they are so very cool!

judystreehouse judy's tree house judy's treehouse judystreehouse judystreehouse judy's treehouse judystreehouse judy's treehouse judy's treehouse judy's treehouse


judy's treehouse judy's treehousejudy's treehouse judy's treehouse judy's treehouse judy's treehouse judy's treehouse judystreehouse judystreehouse judy's treehouse judy's tree house judy's treehouse

judystreehouse judy's treehouse judystreehouse judy's treehouse judys treehouse judystreehouse.

What’s up next?    Some falling leaves for autumn and whimsical deep sea creatures.

judystreehouse judy's tree house

Huge Thank You for all of the YouTube videos on electroforming by Jason Welsh.   I’ve learned SO MUCH from his videos.   His style totally resonates with me.    And, I did purchase his formulas for graphite paint and electroforming solution which has worked wonderfully for me.    Still have much to learn but getting better bit by bit.   Trial and error and then those AH HA! moments!    That’s how I tango!

Well, that about sums up what I’ve been about for the past couple of months…….well, that along with creating new jewelry pieces, gardening, foraging, learning herbs, delving into homemade lotions and tinctures, and everyday needs and necessities.

There’s so much joy to be found in the journey of discovery and the sense of accomplishment with personal development and growth.    Find Your Passion, Grow Your Wings, Get in Your Groove……… and, Wishing you a Beautiful Journey along the way!

Peace Love and Joy


Earthy Bohemian Gypsy Layered Necklaces. Great Fall Jewelry!

Love Earthy Bohemian Gypsy Layered Necklaces?       Check out my unique, handmade sets.      Layers of earthy loveliness you can mix and match to create your own unique style!    Here are a few.   Find these and more at:

Bohemian Gypsy Jewelry by JudysTreehouse
layered necklace set by judystreehouse
Bohemian Gypsy Jewelry by JudysTreehouse
Bohemian Gypsy Layered Necklace Set, Purple Jewelry, Moon Beams
Bohemian Gypsy at JudysTreehouse
bohemian gypsy layered necklaces
Bohemian Jewelry at JudysTreehouse
Bohemian Layered Necklace Set


Pretty Pink……..One of my two most favorite colors!

One of my movie favorites……..and great song, too!  “Pretty In Pink” and “The Psychedelic Furs”   (video from YouTube)

Pink from around the farm….IMG_8896 001 048 127 - Copy 126 248 128 091 082 (4) 099 037 104 098 IMG_6628 IMG_8764 IMG_4993 IMG_9996 IMG_5775 IMG_8720 IMG_8997 IMG_0252 IMG_0045 (2) 337 IMG_9399

Pink you might find at

IMG_5327 IMG_5268 IMG_0817 116 046 307 228 093 030 IMG_4885 IMG_9729 152 204 069 370 033 214 152 003 091 IMG_6558 105 IMG_8036 IMG_8017 IMG_4768 IMG_1148 IMG_7556 188 476 179 IMG_8386 IMG_7256 IMG_7338 IMG_7712 IMG_4727 IMG_2505 IMG_5273

Things You Might Find In A Treehouse…….JudysTreehouse!

What’s Your Style?????       This and More at


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Gemstones……..Creativity from Mother Nature

Beautiful Gemstone Pendants.   Handwrapped.
Beautiful Gemstone Pendants. Handwrapped.

Lovely works of art by Mother Nature.     I’ve hand wrapped them with brass wire which I’ve put through a patina process and hand polished to give the wire an aged/antiqued finish.

They’ll be a fantastic focal point on a long antiqued brass chain with a few gemstone beaded links.

You can find the finished necklaces at

Play Me A Melody

Rustic Bell Chimes
Rustic Bell Chimes


Sometimes I’ll find something cool that I want to incorporate into a design, so I purchase it. Sometimes, when I purchase these cool things by the time I get them I forgot what I had intended or I get one of those “what was I thinking”. So, I just add it to my stash until it evokes my creative muse and evolves into some eclectic loveliness. Thus was the case with these rustic bells. They have a lovely chime. Perfect addition to a window or porch where the slight breeze can create a little melody!