“It’s Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself”.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Be excited because today is the day you get to start reinventing yourself.

Put on some Reiki, Zen, Piano, (whatever resonates with you) music, maybe something to evoke your spirit which will help you find your purpose.

Fix yourself a cup of tea.

Light a candle or burn your sage smudge stick while your tea is heating.

Open a window to help release negative energy from your home.

Find a quite, beautiful place to sit and listen to the music while you sip your tea. Maybe on your porch or outdoors so any negative energy can dissipate and you can absorb the beauty of nature.

Clear your mind and breathe (takes practice).

After this do a few stretching exercises to show your body some appreciation.

Grab a paper and pen/pencil/paint marker; something pretty to write on and with, maybe even one of your color book pages you can jot down thoughts along the edges.

Without thinking about your current circumstances; where you live, what you do, what you’ve done, your age, your health; write down your dream life; the career that will make you happy, where you will live, where you will travel, who you will be with, people who make you happy (known or not yet met), how you will dress, items that make you happy, activities that make you happy, how you carry yourself. Everything you can think of you can do. This is where you’ll start.

It is never too late to reinvent yourself and become the person you’ve always dreamed of or get back to that person that you once were.

Change starts from within and your thoughts become your reality.

When/if any negative, destructive, or self doubt creeps into your mind, go back to your page and doodle, draw, color, write, read and remind yourself what a STRONG, CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN/MAN YOU ARE!

I believe in you and can’t wait to see you blossom through this new challenge in your life.

Be invigorated, enthusiastic and excited as you rediscover yourself.

And, just so you know, just writing this note to you is giving me the same incentive. Let’s do this together!!!!!!!! Have a terrific day!!!!!

Peace Love and Joy


Hippie Chic Jewelry

Deep down inside we all have a little Hippie Soul…….what color is your inner hippie? Check out some of my handmade Peace Sign and Flower Jewelry. You can find these and more of my handmade Boho Bohemian Hippie Style jewelry, decor and gifts in my second shop on Etsy,

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Thank you!

Peace Love and Joy


Gemstone Statement Necklaces

Unique, one of a kind gemstone statement necklaces for women.     Handmade Fashion Jewelry by JudysTreehouse.    Find them in the “Statement Necklaces” section of my shop:   https://www.etsy.com/shop/JudysTreehouse

Here’s a few…..

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Thank you for your interest.

Peace Love and Joy


Sparkly Jewelry

Simply Sparkle this holiday season or whenever you want to jazz things up a bit.  Cute, classy, casual…..you decide.   Here are a few of the handmade sparkly necklaces and earrings available in my shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/JudysTreehouse

“Every woman in this world wears a little sparkle, some in their dress, and some in their eyes.” – Shahla Khan

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Peace Love and Joy



My summertime creative muses……  a.k.a. a walk through my gardens.    If you were ever to visit my gardens you might see weeds and bramble or you might see flowers and vines……you might see icky bugs or butterflies ….. you might see work to be done or buried treasures……. I hope if you were ever to visit my gardens you would find the magic they hold.     Life is how you decide to see it!    Enjoy!

Peace Love and Joy


Currently Creating – Handmade Rosary Style Beaded Religious Necklaces by Judy’s Treehouse

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Been keeping busy wire wrapping beautiful, earthy gemstone beads to create these unique Large Brass Cross Statement and Small Brass Holy Spirit Dove Pendant Necklaces for Women.    Unique handmade jewelry by Judy Rebman.  Find them here:


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Peace Love and Joy



Excerpts from a recent note to my penpal, Eileen…..

As I pause in writing you this note I look over at Greg who is watching me.    He has this funny smile on his face.   I say, “what?”   He says, “I was just watching you, typing away and then you stop and sigh”.     I tell him that I am writing you a long overdue note but I don’t have anything interesting to say because I haven’t done anything different lately.    He laughs and says, “tell her you’re staring at the four walls, it’s cold, it’s raining, it’s snowing…..ha, ha, ha”.

So, I will make up a story to entertain you…..maybe……here goes……thinking…….

Easter Sunday 2020.     This year due to…… a) a wicked virus, b) a travesty set in motion by evil sources to wreck the US and/or it’s governing body(ies) (conspiracy theory), c) God’s wake up call, d) all of the above……. we were unable to spend the holiday with our family and traditions.     Although we were disappointed and sad we realized we were still blessed and had the opportunity to be creative with how we would spend this Easter Sunday.

We headed out to the woods in search of morels.   What a beautiful way to visit with God, in nature.     Somewhat overcast, it was still a beautiful day.

judy's treehouse


Early in the morning, between rain showers, we jumped on the four wheeler and skiddadled up the hill to our super secret spot known for a plentiful morel harvest in previous years.

judystreehouse blog

Me with my rubber wellies and Greg with his steel toed boots we entered nature’s portal with high hopes and determination.       The ground was moist and covered with a blanket of crunchy brown leaves and soft bright green moss.

judy's treehouse blog

We slipped and slid, as we found our way over fallen logs, through spider webs stretched between bushes, down valleys, up hills.

We paused to appreciate the delicate flowers and plants pushing though to start their new journey of growth and beauty; dutchmen’s britches, jack in the pulpit, mayapples, ferns; to name a few.

judystreehouse website judystreehouse website judys tree house judy's treehouse blog

Overhead squirrels twittered their annoyance with our invasion and birds sang their beautiful wake up songs.    All else was quite.     Pausing for a moment I took my cell phone from my pocket to snap a few pictures…..for prosperity sake.    On hindsight I wish I would have left the cell phone at home; cherish the moment, maintain the memory.

The mossy hill called out to me; come rest here.


The flowers lifted their heads; be strong, have faith.

judy's treehouse blog

The wind blew gently; embracing my body.     The sun peeked out from behind a cloud; all is bright.

judy's treehouse

Yes, we did find a few morels

judy's treehouse judystreehouse

but what we really found was the beauty of Life and a peak at the abundance of God’s gifts and many Blessings.      Not the traditional egg hunt and chocolate bunnies and church service.   No, something much deeper than that.     So next year, if we’re so blessed that Easter Sunday brings us the opportunity to spend it with family and friends in addition to the Easter baskets and family dinner I think we’ll add a new tradition and add a nature hike to our celebration of Life!……..(no phones/cameras allowed).      The end! (or maybe the beginning 😊 )

So, there you go, our Easter story 2020.     Funny, I was going to write a story about finding a village of fairies in the woods while mushroom hunting but I guess I’ll have to save that one for another day.

Pace Love Joy


“Where Does Your Creative Spirit Take You”

creative spirit judystreehouse

I love to write!  I’ve always loved to write!   I want to write a novel…….someday!     I’d love to have my novel published someday……

So you’d think that with such a strong desire to write, I’d at least keep up with blogging on a more regular basis BUT…….(insert excuse(s) here).

Writing is hard!   I’m in awe of every writer who has not only finished a creative, thought provoking composition but just plain started on a journey of combining words with intention to begin with.    Getting started is the hardest part!    No, finishing is the hardest part.    Or, maybe believing in yourself is the hardest part.

Back in the day, when I was working in the corporate arena, I remember sitting in one (of many) business meetings.   (Most of them a lot of talk with no action; just going through the corporate motions….I digress).   Anyway, at the start of one of these meetings, when they go around the table and have you introduce yourself and then say one thing……like; what college did you attend (me:  none); your favorite singer (me: Barbra Streisand: at that particular moment, that got some eyebrow raises); one thing you want to accomplish in your life (me:  write a book) to which the head of the meeting looked at me and said, “well, doesn’t everyone want to write a book?”

I’d never thought about it…….the creative spirit of others.   And, everyone has a unique, creative spirit although some may not have tapped into their’s……yet.

I still want to write.   And, I do from time to time; I have a pen pal (I met her through etsy when I bought some of her beautiful handmade pottery, and we made a connection that created a bond.   We’ve been pen pals for over a year now).  I write/make a lot of my own birthday, Christmas, note cards (snail mail).   I write when I list an item in one of my etsy shops.  From time to time I drop quick posts on my Facebook page and/or Instagram account.   And, then, not so often I do write here on my blog.     Not too often do I blog because……writing is hard!…….because I “think too much” (according to my husband).

But, I still “want to write” a novel.

I have some story lines in my head (one in particular is on continuous “feed” in my thoughts).   From time to time something will spark an idea for another story line…….something I’ve seen; something someone says; someone I meet…….there is a plethora of story fodder/fuel out there (and in me) just waiting to come to life.

But……..I’m still on the thought page, kind of like those old corporate meetings I used to attend, all “thought” no action.     Oh, I have books on how to write (developing plots; developing characters; purple prose; finding editors/agents/publishers)…..did I mention that I love to read, too!  But, the “research”…….could it be just another form of procrastination!

creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse

So, all these ideas swimming around in my head with plots and characters and dialog why don’t I just sit down and write!   Because writing is hard.   Besides the story line and characters and suspense and romance there’s those nagging voices in the background saying things like….that’s not the right word, does the comma go before or after and, when should I start a new paragraph, people will criticize, no one will like it,…….the excuse list is endless.

My pen pal friend once told me that you can be a writer without being an author.     Good advice.    If I want to write, I should just write; not worry about who might read it, who might edit it, where my comma’s should be, where a paragraph should end or begin, what a critic might say, will someone like it.   In the end all that matters is writing something from my creative soul, my heart, my spirit.

A while back I stumbled across some great advice.   Something I’d never thought about before.   It resonated deeply and inspired me so I copied, pasted, and hung these words where I would see them often.  (I’ll add it to the end of this post just in case this is too small to read here).     Well written because someone had something to say and so they did, in their own unique way, their own style!   It’s the meaning, the intention, the spirit, the soul put forth into any creative endeavor that is the heart of the creation that adds the value and character to the piece; whatever it may be.

creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse

Everyone has to start somewhere      So I say to myself just write; because that’s one of the creative outlets my creative spirit keeps prodding me towards.

And still I sit, pen in hand, blank page.

creative spirit judystreehouse

Over the years my creative spirit has taken me down many beautiful paths.   I’ve learned to garden, create jewelry, sun catchers and dream catchers, paint, move furniture around to create our unique living areas, electroforming copper elements, etching on copper and glass, weaving dream catchers.   I’ve tried my hand at acrylic flow painting, acrylic painting on canvas, soap making, candle making, lotion bars.    I dry herbs and forage, create herbal tea blends, take long walks along creek beds looking for and collecting cool rocks and treasures from nature………I have an endless list of creative catalysts.

So where does your creative spirit take you?    No matter how big or small your creative dreams may be I hope you take the time to go there; start your creative journey if you haven’t already.    Realizing and embracing your creative spirit is the first step; talking about it, reading/learning about it, visualizing it may be your second step……BUT the greatest step of all is doing it!   No matter how big or small; no matter how talented you may or may not “think” you are (you are talented, never doubt that), no matter what obstacles you may have or perceive to have that may be keeping you from starting, don’t let a potential negative keep you from creating positive vibes with your creative spirit!     Share yourself!    You are a beautiful, creative spirit!

Here are a few of my creative ventures over the years; some complete, some in the works, some good, some ehhhhh, all inspired by creative spirits, in me and around me!

Some of my ever changing landscaping projects.    Each year it’s different.    Working outside; it’s uplifting, meditative, healthy, mindful, invigorating, if not a little messy.

creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse

Shadow Art!   I love when I’m stopped in my tracks by a beautiful shadow creation.  A combination of nature, things, and timing!

creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse

Creating with herbs, flowers, and plants foraged from my gardens and the woods and fields around our home.  (Don’t be a poacher; get permission before heading out to forage on property you don’t own…..)

judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse

Soap, lotion and candle making.   Creating unique scents and textures.   Utilizing and sharing handmade items brings a deep level of satisfaction to my creative spirit!

creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse

Here’s my father-in-law and his creative project.   In his 80’s and restoring this old Farmall Tractor!

creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse

A chalkboard I created from an old dresser mirror frame we found in the attic.

creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse

Paint and wine night I attended with one of my daughters-in-law a few years back.   Hoping to host a paint night someday with friends and family!

creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse

Little stories and rhymes I’ve written over the years for my grandsons.   Self published for each of them!   Well look at that, I am published!!!

creative spirit judystreehouse

Always creating good eats!   Simple or complex……a little love is always mixed in.  Creative dinner parties are fun!      Have fun hosting a pop up potluck party….spontaneous events are my most cherished events and extremely creative……on the fly!

creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse

Creative canning recipes……food from the garden fuel for the body and soul!

creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse

Creative Shares!     Love creative gifts from friends and family throughout the years!    Unique!   Near and dear to my heart!

creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse

Egads!    This beautiful piece of handmade pottery received some rough handling.   Couldn’t part with it so I’m trying my hand at a kind of kintsugi.   Still working on it……along with my patience which is one attribute that pairs well with a kintsugi process…..I have some ideas (if not patience) for finishing this!!!!

creative spirit judystreehousecreative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse creative spirit judystreehouse

Music for my creative spirit.   Having my own piano and learning to play have been a long time desire of mine.    I now have the piano ($15 at an auction…..score!)   Playing and practicing…….in due time.

creative spirit judystreehouse


Found this old set of wooden stairs in an old barn.     It called out to me.    Set it up on a hillside next to our home.   People ask, “where does that stairway go?”  …….   To wherever your imagination takes you!

creative spirit judystreehouse

Find your inspirations and let your creative spirit soar!

creative spirit judystreehouse

Someday I’ll finish that novel I want to write.   In the meantime I’ll continue to enjoy my creative ventures and hope you do, too!

creative spirit judystreehouse

The joy is in the creative journey and the destination!

Peace Love and Joy



‘Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.’ {Ira Glass}

“Are You Eclectic”

“I think my style is a mix of quirky, eclectic, bright, and fun, with a really sophisticated feminine silhouette.” Elaine Welteroth

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Are you unique, one of a kind, eclectic and different?

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Do you follow the masses and look for that “same” thing everyone else is wearing?

https://www.etsy.com/shop/JudysTreehouse caters to the unique, one of a kind, eclectic person who likes to be different, stand out in the crowd and showcase their very own style and personal “trend”.

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What’s your style? Classy, Casual, Unique, Unusual, Eclectic, Artsy, Funky, Eccentric, Indie, Artsy, Religious, Retro, Earthy, Boho Chic, Bohemian, Gypsy, Hippie, Bold, Minimalist, Chunky, Simple, Short, Long……….all of the above!! Every day I’m different and so is the jewelry I create. You’ll find a wide range to choose from at JudysTreehouse.

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Quality, unique, one of a kind jewelry, gifts and decor carefully assembled by my hands, one piece at a time. You won’t find hundreds or thousands available of any individual item; maybe just a few and many only one of a kind…..like you!

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What? No coupon codes or sales. Why is this? My items are priced to be reasonable and fair; for you and for me. Quality, handcrafted and unique items at affordable prices. I don’t want you to have to watch for a sale; or, miss a sale or overlook or wait for a coupon code “to get the best deal”. I don’t want you to have paid “full price” for something, only to find it at a “sale price” a day or two later. Although prices are subject to change, I do my best to assure you are getting “the best deal” each and every day at JudysTreehouse.

Down to Earth, transparent, no gimmicks, honesty, integrity, and quality is what you’ll find at JudysTreehouse.    That’s who I am!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  There’s a lot to view!   Check out the shop “Sections” and “Filters” to help you shorten your search. And, as always, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help.   The best way to reach me is through my Etsy shop  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JudysTreehouse  In the upper right hand corner you’ll see my profile picture (okay, it’s an older picture but it’s me) and under the picture tap on “contact”.   (Although I’d like to respond to each inquiry immediately, please allow 24 hours for a response. Thank you!)

Please be sure to read my shop policies prior to your purchase. Contact me if you have any questions.

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Peace Love and Joy


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Peace Love and Joy



“A Zen Garden – New Pendant Necklaces by JudysTreehouse”

A Zen Garden Pendant Necklaces.   A little Oriental Asian Pagoda Style!   Just finished creating these artsy eclectic necklaces.   Only three (so far).   You can find them at https://www.etsy.com/shop/JudysTreehouse

Cute casual oriental asian style necklace for women

These lovely pendants depict an oriental style garden with pagoda and ornamental plants and trees.    Inspires me to create such a place in one of my own gardens here at home.   Will need to start another Pinterest board to find and save zen garden ideas for next year’s planting season.

The pendants are raw brass, solid metal.   One can enamel them.    But, loving to patina as I do I decided to put a little heat to them to see what would develop.    Each one took on a different patina!   Perfect!   And, now I have a Sunrise, Sunset, and Twilight Zen Garden!

oriental asian artsy handmade jewelry

Pendants Complete!   Next on the hunt for some unique beads to complement them.    And where do I go to find such beads?   Absolutely….Etsy!   And my Etsy search did not disappoint.    I do believe I am one of Etsy’s best customers, from a buyer and a seller standpoint.

There were a few Asian/Oriental themed beads I was considering as I was perusing the beads Etsy’s search algorithms felt best matched my search terms.   And then the moment of GLORY!!!!!!

unique bead necklaces for women

These adorable, unique, artsy, eclectic, cool, unusual………paper beads!   Perfect!    I placed my order from this lovely Etsy Seller located in Scotland no less.   You really do find cool, unique items from all over the world on Etsy!


The shop owner, Gillian,  immediately responded with a note letting me know she received my order and would ship it soon!   And it did ship soon!     And it arrived rather quickly, too!    Ordered them on August 20th.   Received them the first week in September.   Great customer service, great quality, and unique little works of art!    I was so excited and got to work on my necklaces the very next day.

short beaded necklace unique

Next to my bead stash to find some beads to enhance the colors in the paper beads and the pendant.   Sparkly, colorful Czech glass beads were the perfect match.

As with all of my beaded necklaces, I hand wrap the beads with brass wire which has been patina’d to darken the metal.   Then I hand polish the wire to even out the patina.     Between each beaded link I add a small jump ring.    This makes the necklace less likely to “kink” when you move around.

Next to determine the perfect length for this particular necklace.     Originally I had planned on long necklaces.   But after making the first one it just didn’t seem right.    So back to the worktable to make adjustments to shorten the necklace.    The short length was perfect.    The pendant and beads just “popped”.

unique cool unusual handmade necklaces judystreehouse

After I had the first necklace completed and was happy with the length I started questioning the bead placement.    Originally, I had the long oriental style paper cylinder beads centered with three Czech glass beads on each side.   It looked okay but……….ehhhhh.     So, I laid out the beads to create the second necklace, moved them around a little bit but couldn’t decide if I wanted to change the layout from the first necklace.    Decided to just go with the new layout I was considering.    Well, I liked the second layout so much better than the first one that I went back to the worktable to remake the first necklace.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.    Sometimes not always so cut and dry.      I might have an idea that I’m really excited with but then when I create the necklace if it doesn’t scream “I LOVE THIS” then I rework it until it does.     Sometimes that means I have to walk away from it for a day or two or maybe even a week until my creative juices redistribute themselves, and I know exactly what changes I need to make.

Happily, the design for these three necklaces evolved rather quickly.

cute casual short pendant necklace for women

So there you have it.   My most recent creations.    And, I love them so much I went back for three more pendants and a few more beads because maybe down the road I’ll want to make a few more of this style.   Only a few.   Because every day I’m different and so are the items I create.

I can’t wait for the perfect person to find this perfect necklace to go with their perfect outfit!


Thanks for visiting!

Peace Love and Joy