“Where to Shop for Handmade In America USA”

I am happy to share a new ecommerce online market place with you.

GoImagine.com recently launched their new website. GoImagine is an online marketplace for “Handmade in America” artists, artisans and crafters to sell their unique creations. Individual shops offering handmade in America jewelry, gifts, and decor.

Shoppers looking to buy unique, handmade items made in the USA will be delighted with the assortment of shops and items available.

Go to their website to learn more about their story and vision.

I am delighted to now offer my creations on the GoImagine website. Here is the link to my shop: https://goimagine.com/judystreehouse

It is an exciting new change for me, and I am looking forward to being a part of this group of Handmade in America artists, artisans and crafters!

You can still find some of my handmade items in my Etsy shops, too: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JudysTreehouse and https://www.etsy.com/shop/JudysTreehouseToo

So, if you are looking for that perfect something special, unique, one of a kind, unusual, eclectic, handmade in America jewelry, gift, decor be sure to check out the shops on GoImagine.com and, of course, I’m always appreciative of your visits to my shops, as well.

If you have any questions about my shops, my items, or custom orders, please feel free to message me. You can contact me through the messaging options in each of my online shops.

Thank you!

Peace Love and Joy


It’s A Harvest Time of Year

Fall, Autumn……my most favorite time of year.      The days get shorter, the sky takes on a different shade of blue, the leaves start falling; to me, things just seem to slow down a bit.

We’re in full harvest mode here at the farm.     Picking corn and cutting beans.

Here in the Midwest the days are still long and hot.  But, soon, the nights will take on a chill, the leaves will turn brilliant shades of colors, comfort foods will start simmering on the stove, sweaters, jackets and boots will come out of storage.

Are you ready for the changing season, too?     Here are a few pieces I’ve created to spice up your fall wardrobe.    The beautiful fall, autumn season will soon be upon us!

Purple Decor Gifts Jewelry JudysTReehouse Earthy Jewelry Gifts Judystreehouse Fall Autumn Jewelry Gifts for women JudysTreehosue Pastel Fall Autumn Jewelry Gifts JudysTreehouse

Peace Love and Joy,


“Do You Dream In Color?”

Do you dream in colors?     Check out these cool, eclectic, unique, funky dream catcher necklaces I’ve created.    Each is its own one of a kind pop of dreamy color.     I call them “A Dream and Three Wishes”!      They make a great gift……and, you’ll want to keep one for yourself!    You can find them in my treehouse @ JudysTreehouse.etsy.com

Unique Necklaces by JudysTreehouse Statement Necklaces for Wome Eclectic Jewelry by JudysTreehouse Bohemian Jewelry by JudysTreehouse

“What’s New?”

Been a while since I posted here but I’m still around!   I’ve been in major creative mode these past few months!   Just squeezing in the other necessary little things in life like cooking, cleaning, socializing in between.    It’s what happens when you love what you do and you do what you love!

Lately, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Always on the hunt for cool, unique pieces to incorporate into my jewelry and gift designs…..

unique necklaces by judystreehouse judy rebman designsPeace Dove Holy Spirit Necklaces by JudysTreehouseHoly Spirit Peace Dove Chokers by JudysTreehousePeace Dove Necklaces by Judystreehousecool and unusual jewelry by judystreehousecool chokers by judystreehouse judy rebman designsunique necklaces for women by judystreehouseindie chokers by judystreehouse judy rebman designs

Spring Flowers…..

handcrafted jewelry by judystreehouselong necklaces for women by judystreehousecolorful necklaces for women by judystreehousewomens spring jewelry by judystreehousewomens colorful statement necklaces by judystreehouse womens bohemian earrings by judysreehouse

In touch with my creative hippie heart and gypsy soul…

handcrafted gifts by judystreehousehandmade by judystreehousejudystreehousehippie decor unique gifts by judystreehouseunique housewarming gifts by judystreehousebohemian hippie decor by judystreehousegypsysoul

Unique Big and Bold Statement Necklaces….

unique woman's blue chunky necklace by judystreehouseunique long necklaces for women by judystreehousewomens big bold necklaces by judystreehousedistinctive handcrafted jewelry by judystreehouse

Long layered beaded necklaces…..

very long pink necklaces for women by judystreehouselong layered necklaces by judystreehouse judy rebman designsunique long layered necklaces for women by judystreehousebohemian necklaces for women by judystreehouse

Spun a web or two to create some cool dream catchers….

handcrafted jewelry and gifts by judystreehousejudystreehousejudystreehouse web design currently creatingdream catchers by judystreehousedream catchers by judystreehousedream catchers by judystreehouse

Wrapped a few (okay, a lot of) beads….

hand crafted by judystreehousehandcrafted jewelry by jujdystreehouse #handcraftedjewelryhandcrafted by judystreehousehandcrafted jewelry by judystreehousehandcrafted jewelry by judystrreehouse wire wrapped necklaces for women by judystreehouse

And a little (okay, a lot of) hand polishing……

handwrapped hand polished by judystreehousequality handmade jewelry by judystreehouserosary style necklaces by judystreehouse rosary style necklaces by judystreehouse

Tried out a new thing or two….

Packaging and shipping to some of my favorite customers throughout the USA….

customer appreciation judystreehousejudystreehousejudystreehouse unique gifts by judystreehouseunique gifts by judystreehouse

Cleaned up my act……errrrrr straightened and reorganized my studio…..

judystreehouse judy rebman judystreehouse studio judy rebman judystreehouse judystreehouse studio judy rebman

A family function or two with this crazy, loveable bunch……

judystreehouse tribe judystreehouse

Somewhat redesigned my tea cup bundles (and made a few more)…..

unique hostess thank you gifts by judystreehouse #thankyougifts #uniquehostessgifts #housewarminggifts zen gifts by judystreehouse #zengifts hippie gifts by judystreehouse hippie housewarming gifts by judystreehouse cool mom gifts by judystreehouse unique gifts for women at judystreehouse zen gifts by judystreehouse unique gifts by judystreehousezen gifts by judystreehouse

Working on improving my social media skills with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Posts…….

pink gifts for women at judystreehouse.etsy.com

cool unusual gifts by judystreehouse

cool unique gifts by judystreehouse

purple at judystreehouse

judystreehouse on instagram

green at judystreehouse

yellow at judystreehouse

Hoping to share a little peace love and joy…..

peace sign hippie statement necklaceshippie jewelry by judystreehousepeace sign earrings for women by judystreehouse peace love joy layered necklaces by judystreehouse peace sign necklaces for women by judystreehouse

in everything I do!

“Black and White”

Black and White……Together in Perfect Harmony!

One of my all time favorite songs.     Video from YouTube!   Enjoy!

Black and White from around the farm!

Grandma's Old Chicken House 096 Black Snake at JudysTreehouse.jpg Black Snake at JudysTreehouse Black and White Image Flowers Black Butterflies on the FArm Flowers on the Farm Tulips in Black and White Sunflowers and Butterflies Britches the Rooster at JudysTreehouse Cows on the Farm at JudysTreehouse Roses at JudysTreehouse Turtles at JudysTreehouse Flowes at JudysTreehouse Queen Anne's Lace Wild Turkeys at JudysTreehouse Blackberries as big as your thumb Full Moon Where your imagination takes you Flowers from my garden queen anne's lace The Girls Chickens Free Range Chickens Bridgette Moth Morning Glories on the Farm Queen Anne's Lace at JudysTreehouse Happy Chickens Butterflies at JudysTreehouse Ramses watching the snow at the Farm New Life on The Farm JudysTreehouse - Copy New Life on The Farm JudysTreehouse Butterflies at JudysTreehouse Wildlife in Illinois Misty Morning on the Farm Dusk Fox on the Farm Garden in Winter Wildflower Hill Pretty Rooster! Harvest Moon Sign Black Butterflies in my gardens Garden Blessings Beautiful Black Butterflies on the farm Free Range Chickens Night time on the farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the FArm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Farm Living Snowy Pastures Winter Grain Bin on the Farm Winter on the Farm Snowy Creek After the Rain Cute Bulldogs Otis 042 Wildflowers 029 Queen Anne's Lace Daisies Otis in a room full of prisms Spring on the farm Wildflowers in the woods Old Farm Trucks Birdhouses in my gardens White flowers Grandma's Peonies Welcome to the Farm Wildlife in Winter Owl in a Tree Winter on the Farm winter farm pics Peaceful on the farm Snow on the farmFree Falling on the Farm The Buzzard Tree

Black and White you might find at http://JudysTreehouse.etsy.com

Bohemian Pearl Earrings at JudysTreehouse Bohemian Style Earrings at JudysTreehouse Vintage Bohemian Style Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Long Unique Bohemian Style Jewelry Shabby Chic Style Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Choker Charm Necklaces @ JudysTreehouse Cool Funky Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Bohemian Style Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Black Bohemian Style Choker at JudysTreehouse Chokers at JudysTreehouse Black and White Note Cards At JudysTreehouse Bohemian Dreamcatchers at JudysTreehouse Pink and Black Decor at JudysTreehouse Dream Catchers at JudysTreehouse DreamCatchers at JudysTreehouse Black and Pink at Judys Treehouse Black and Red Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Black and White Bracelet at JudysTreehouse Bohemian Style Bracelets at JudysTreehouse Black Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Multi Strand Bracelets at JudysTreehouse Wrap Bracelets at JudysTreehouse Unusual Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Cool Funky Earrings at JudysTreehouse Hippie Style Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Flower Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Hippie Style Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Jazzy Earrings at JudysTreehouse Heart Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Romantic Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Butterfly Earrings at JudysTreehouse Bohemian Style Earrings at JudysTreehouse Bold Necklaces at JudysTreehouse Dreamcatchers at JudysTreehouse White Dreamcatchers at JudysTreehouse IMG_8774 Flower Note Cards at JudysTreehouse Note Cards at JudysTreehouse Butterfly Note Cards at JudysTreehouse Unique Note Cards at JudysTreehouse Butterfly Note Cards Cute Dog Note Cards at JudysTreehouse.jpg Retro Style Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Rose Necklaces at JudysTreehouse Unique Jewelry at JudysTreehouse.jpg Earthy Jewelry at JudysTreehouse.jpg White Necklaces at JudysTreehouse Black and Green Flower Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Hippie Style Jewelry at JudysTreehouse Unique Bohemian Style Jewelry Pink and Black Jewelry

Bohemian Charm Necklaces at JudysTreehouse.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!    Have a terrific weekend!





Pretty Pink……..One of my two most favorite colors!

One of my movie favorites……..and great song, too!  “Pretty In Pink” and “The Psychedelic Furs”   (video from YouTube)

Pink from around the farm….IMG_8896 001 048 127 - Copy 126 248 128 091 082 (4) 099 037 104 098 IMG_6628 IMG_8764 IMG_4993 IMG_9996 IMG_5775 IMG_8720 IMG_8997 IMG_0252 IMG_0045 (2) 337 IMG_9399

Pink you might find at JudysTreehouse.etsy.com

IMG_5327 IMG_5268 IMG_0817 116 046 307 228 093 030 IMG_4885 IMG_9729 152 204 069 370 033 214 152 003 091 IMG_6558 105 IMG_8036 IMG_8017 IMG_4768 IMG_1148 IMG_7556 188 476 179 IMG_8386 IMG_7256 IMG_7338 IMG_7712 IMG_4727 IMG_2505 IMG_5273