Tibetan Bell Prisms

Tibetan Bell Prisms
Tibetan Bell Prisms

You can find some of the most unique items to create with on Etsy.     So many cool shops offering unique bits of this or that to inspire your creative spirit.   Or, if you’re not so creative minded at the time, plenty of shops offering beautiful and unique handmade items.     If you haven’t tried Etsy.com, I highly recommend you check it out.     Lots of vintage items, too.

As was the case with these small Tibetan Brass Bells I found on Etsy, at thisattic.etsy.com    They were linked together on a strand of chain.     I’ve had them in my stash for a while.    I wanted to recreate them into prisms but wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to go about this.     They finally evolved into these lovely prism chimes.   The bells have such a nice melody.      I only have four of these.   One each with red, blue, green, or gold crystal embellishments.


Etched Copper Inspirism Sun Catchers

Etched Copper "Inspirism" Sun Catchers
Etched Copper “Inspirism” Sun Catchers

From a sheet of copper I cut the shape, file/sand, apply the design, then put it through an etching process. Clean it up, put it through a patina process, then give it either a spray of lacquer or coat of wax to help it maintain the patina finish. A few rustic wraps of copper wire, a colorful bead or two, and a large leaded crystal prism ball and it’s ready to hang. The back side has a black ink stamping and has a slight patina.

Hang it in a sunny spot and watch your room come alive with colorful rainbow prisms. A wonderful way to remind someone they are being thought of and loved.

So whimsical and fun.       I have a number of different sayings and quotes available and a few listed at JudysTreehouse.etsy.com.


These make great gifts.   Best friend, housewarming new neighbor, motivation, inspiration…….to name a few.

Custom orders are very much welcomed and appreciated.     Turn around time is approximately one week from the time payment is received.     Contact me here through e-mail or directly from my Etsy shop for details.


Play Me A Melody

Rustic Bell Chimes
Rustic Bell Chimes


Sometimes I’ll find something cool that I want to incorporate into a design, so I purchase it. Sometimes, when I purchase these cool things by the time I get them I forgot what I had intended or I get one of those “what was I thinking”. So, I just add it to my stash until it evokes my creative muse and evolves into some eclectic loveliness. Thus was the case with these rustic bells. They have a lovely chime. Perfect addition to a window or porch where the slight breeze can create a little melody!