Grandpa Herman’s Notecards – Frederick, Illinois Notecard Series

Grandpa Herman’s Notecards – Frederick, Illinois Series

Eight notecards, two of each design, printed on non-glossy heavy card stock.  Notecards are 3″ x 5″.   Blank inside.    Photo print of painting on cover.   Includes eight envelopes.

These notecards are available for purchase at   A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these notecards will be donated to Farwell House.     Learn more about Farwell House at

Grandpa Herman's Notecards - Frederick, Illinois Series, Set
Grandpa Herman’s Notecards – Frederick, Illinois Series, Set

In this set:

Frederick, Illinois 1943/1944
Frederick, Illinois 1943/1944

This notecard is a photo print of the painting by Herman Rebman.   He painted it in 1944 from a photo taken of Frederick, Illinois in 1922.   Sadly, the town no longer resembles the small community pictured.    I enjoy gazing at his painting and trying to imagine life here as it was back then.     A general store, the homes, the people.    I image rebuilding Frederick into a small haven of artists; studios and shops; a place to visit for those journeying down The Great River Road (Illinois Route 100).    Of course, this is just my dream and vision and I’m not so sure the current residents of Frederick would feel the same but then again….

Herman on Herman and Farwell House
Herman on Herman and Farwell House

This notecard is a photo print of the painting by Herman Rebman which he titled “Herman on Herman”.    It depicts himself back in the day on his horse, Herman, in the barn lot of his family farm in Frederick.   He’s painted his father into the scene as well but I’m not sure that I fit that into the photo.    You’ll see up on the hill the mansion known as Farwell House.    The structures of the family farm there no longer exists.   Farwell House, however, still stands strong and its new owners are working on developing it into a rural arts initiative.    You can learn more about Farwell House at     It was also featured on the television show, “Illinois Stories” which I believe aired two years ago.

Herman and Ida's Home Farm
Herman and Ida’s Home Farm
The Rebman Home Farm
The Rebman Home Farm

The final two notecards in this series are paintings by Herman Rebman of the home he shared with his wife, Ida.    On the red barn is where he painted the mural of the cow.     Imagine chickens free ranging in the barn lot; cats and kittens prowling about.     Grandma Ida loved her cats, made them pancakes most mornings.      Greg and I are blessed to be able to now call this our home.   Of course the home farm has changed quite a bit, we’ve added on to help accommodate a large family, the original red barn no longer exists but the original house still remains and serves as Greg’s office and has a small guest room (I call it the bird room), sitting room and screened in porch.

We’re blessed to have the opportunity to live and farm on the land established by Herman and Ida over 100 years ago and to share life with the community of Frederick.

We’re also happy to share the beauty of Grandpa Herman’s paintings to others by way of these printed notecards.     We hope you will enjoy Herman’s talent as much as we do.   This set as well as other’s printed with Herman’s paintings are available at

Paintings by Herman Rebman and Photos taken by Judy Rebman are the property of Judy and Greg Rebman.    All rights reserved.