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I was working in my studio the other morning when a rainbow from one of my sun catchers caught my eye. It landed upon one of the flower wreath sun catchers I had just completed and was hanging on my wall waiting to be photographed. Gave me a moment of pause and reflection on a couple of treasures I’ve amassed over the past few years.

The flower painting was created by my friend, Dianalynne. I met her through my Etsy shop years ago and we became fast friends. The painting is a keepsake, her friendship is a treasure! She also created and gifted me with the little dreamcatcher on the wall.

Then there’s the “Love” sign which is actually a greeting card my in-laws gave us for one of our wedding anniversaries; I cherish these two and am so blessed to have them in my life. Two of the loveliest people.

And, the decorative metal hanging holds a few more of the special occasion cards I’ve received throughout the years! From my wonderful husband, family, and friends; reminders that I am loved!

The vintage doorknob I found here on the farm in the old milk house; reminding me of the blessings of home and community, for what I have as well as the opportunities that await me.

Of course, the flower sun catcher will be listed in my shop ( and will someday find its forever home. But today it is a reminder that I am grateful for my creative spirit and the opportunity to meet and interact with people across the USA that I might never have crossed paths with but for my creative journey!

And, this is just a little glimpse of my eclectic style. Each room in our home holds little treasures like the ones I’ve mentioned above filling our space with many memories.

Life is full of little moments and opportunities to count our Blessings. Keep your eyes, heart, and mind open and you will capture little sparks of memories, inspiration, and love.

As always I wish you Peace, Love, and Joy


Fall Harvest 2021

Fall has officially arrived here in Illinois, Midwest USA. And so begins our harvest season. For the next couple of months I’ll be spending time in the tractor seat helping my husband with gathering, storing, moving this year’s crops.

Feeling blessed with the opportunity to help with the family farm and spend time outdoors enjoying the fabulous fall weather, sights, sounds, aromas! Therapy for the soul.

Although my time for actually creating new items will be limited during the next couple of months, tractor time gives me an opportunity to reflect and consider new designs and ideas for future creations.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind piece of elegant casual handmade jewelry or an earthy eclectic curio for your home decor both of my Etsy shops, JudysTreehouse and JudysTreehouseToo will be open. The items in both of my shops have already been created, are ready to ship and will be packaged up and taken to the post office within one to three (post office) business days after purchase.

Keep in mind, if you’re holiday shopping now is the time to get your online shopping done early to avoid potential delivery delays during high volume shipping times.

Wishing you a joyful fall autumn season. Be and stay safe!

Peace Love and Joy


Inspired by Nature

The world is full of natural beauty. I’m blessed to be living on a small farm in the rural Midwest, USA. We’re situated in a little valley surround by trees and meadows. And, every year I add to my flower and vegetable gardens. It’s an everchanging palette of texture and color. The plants themselves are beauties to behold but add in the bees, bugs, and critters they attract and you can’t help but say, “What a Wonderful World”!

Here are some photos from around our home and gardens and the pieces they’ve inspired me to create.

You can find my earthy handmade jewelry, sun catchers, and dream catchers only online at: or or .

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram at @ JudysTreehouse for more of my nature photos from around the farm, new items, and what I may be in the process of creating.

May you be inspired by the beauty you find in each and every day!

Peace Love and Joy


Currently Blooming

It’s that time of year — time to enjoy the great outdoors. Soaking up sunshine, digging in the dirt, planting a seed and watching its development, listening to the birds singing, observing wildlife, discovering new insects! Endless opportunities and enchantments! Isn’t nature marvelous! No matter the weather, do your best to enjoy some time outdoors wherever you are. Make it a daily habit. Clear your mind and absorb your surroundings. Exhilarating! An elixir for the soul!

All the best!

Peace Love and Joy



I used to say I couldn’t live anywhere where the seasons never changed. Well, I’ve changed my mindset because I’m sure I could live anywhere because this world is a beautiful place to be no matter where you live. I am a firm believer in finding the beauty and joys that fill your life with happiness and love wherever you may land.

But, with that said, I do so love how the seasons change here in the Midwest USA. I’ve gone from living in a mid sized city to living a rural lifestyle here on our farm. And, as much as I enjoyed my urban lifestyle I must say that I am in awe of the nature that surrounds me here in the country and the changes that evolve in what sometimes seems like the blink of an eye.

We welcomed spring here on Saturday with temperatures starting to warm up but still a bit chilly so I grabbed my jacket and took the dogs for a little stroll and thought I’d share a few photos of our little farm.

Peace Love and Joy,



My summertime creative muses……  a.k.a. a walk through my gardens.    If you were ever to visit my gardens you might see weeds and bramble or you might see flowers and vines……you might see icky bugs or butterflies ….. you might see work to be done or buried treasures……. I hope if you were ever to visit my gardens you would find the magic they hold.     Life is how you decide to see it!    Enjoy!

Peace Love and Joy


“Good Intentions”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.    Fall is a busy time of year for us here on the farm with Harvest beginning late August and running through October if we’re lucky enough to have all of the crops in by then.

Harvest 2018 JudysTreehouseHarvest 2018 JudysTreehouse

And, with October comes time to batten down the hatches for winter; raking leaves, cleaning up the gardens, stowing away garden tools, yard decorations, porch furniture…..(although I must admit I wasn’t real good about all of that this year).

fall 2018 Judystreehouse

Followed by November which arrived with unexpected early snow showers.  And then there’s the beginning preparations for the upcoming holidays.

November 2018 JudysTreehouse November 2018 JudysTreehouseChristmas preparations

December arrives with joyous celebrations, family get togethers, last minute shopping, decorating, baking cookies, cooking, cleaning, visiting guests and parties; pure joy mixed in with maybe a little stress?

Christmas JudysTreehouse 2018 judystreehosue christmas decor 2018 beardstown il christmas parade 2018 snowman cookies 2018 judystreehouse christmas cookies 2018 judystreehouse Otis JudysTreehouse 2018

January, 2019 has come and almost gone.   Time really does fly.   Trust me, I’ve witnessed it!    It’s been cold this month……very cold…..extremely cold……bitterly cold!   We’ve had some snow……..a lot of snow……with a generous topping of ice.

JudysTreehouse Winter 2019 winter wonderland 2019 JudysTreehouse snowy farm 2019 JudysTreehouse red barn in winter 2019 JudysTreehouse cows in winter 2019 judystreehouse winter 2019 judystreehouse

My husband has done a fine job of keeping us “dug out” much to my dismay.    Me?   I wanted to stay cocooned in the soft blanket of white serenity and beauty that was surrounding us……..until the spring thaw!   If you live in an area with snow, you may understand; or, you may not.    But, if you do get to experience a snowy day or two and haven’t done so already take a moment to find the joy, it will take your breath away will all of its beauty.    Bundle up, go outside, breathe in the scent of the icy air and snow covered ground, listen to the quiet, see the sparkles of light on the icy surfaces.    It truly is a winter wonderland………

If you don’t “HAVE” to get out in it.    I understand, too, the potential dangers this beautiful, snowy world can harbor.

Beardstown Bridge 2018

For those of you who do not care for winter……..Think Spring!    It is just around the corner…..

Hippie Flower 2018 JudysTreehouse

Now January is coming to an end along with a lot of New Year’s Resolutions I would imagine.     I don’t do the New Year’s Resolution thing but I do have good intentions.    And, one of my good intentions this year is to post here a little more often.      Posting gives me a little time to reflect on events that have come and gone, times cherished, things I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done.   It’s a place to explore and share my creative spirit, some dreams, thoughts, ideas.   Just a little place to store a few memories and to share a bit of myself with those of you who may be interested in knowing a little bit more about the person behind JudysTreehouse.

So there you have it.    A few reasons (excuses) for my brief absence here along with my good intentions moving forward.

Do you journal or blog?    If so, isn’t it rewarding….both during and after?   If not, maybe give it a try…….you never know where your past journeys may take you moving forward.

Have a terrific day!

Peace Love and Joy



Glory Days

The summer days are ticking by.    Beautiful sounds, changing scenery, gorgeous colors, earthy scents!

I love summertime…………

And, I love taking walks.     I’ve started this quest to walk 500 miles…….just a few miles at a time mind you…..I’m not Wonder Woman……although, aren’t we all full of wonder!   Yes, we are.    Sometimes we just have to dig deep down inside to reminder ourselves.    I find walking is a great way to find peace of mind and gratitude for all of the beauty and greatness this life has to offer.


judystreehouse judystreehouse judystreehouse judystreehouse

You can join in and walk with me @

And, yes, I am still creating unique jewelry and gifts at

unique gifts by judystreehouse statement necklaces by judys treehouse women's chokers by judystreehouse unique necklaces judys treehouse judystreehouse jewelry shopjudystreehouse cool giftsnecklaces by judystreehouse colorful butterfly earrings by JudysTreehouse

I have some really cool zodiac pendants and tiny birthstone gemstone necklaces in the works.   And, a few hand wrapped gemstone chokers waiting for a final hand polishing.    Coming soon!

handcrafted Jewelry by JudysTreehouse

And, I’ve made a few trips to the post office.   I enjoy creating the packaging almost as much as I do creating the items!

unique gifts JudysTreehouse Shop Jewelry and Gifts JudysTreehouse Handcrafted Jewelry for Women JudysTreehouse Unique Jewelry and Gift Shop unique gifts by Judys Treehouse Jewelry and Gifts JudysTreehouse

And, I have my flower gardens and vegetable gardens to tend.

judystreehouse flower gardens

And, I’ve been canning and preserving a bit…..made some sweet pickle relish last week and kosher dills on the agenda for this week.

judystreehousejudystreehouse summer garden bountyjudystreehouse canning and preserving

And, we have a new puppy, Spot, our outside security guard.    And, of course, Otis to keep an eye on things, too.

judystreehouseOtis Judys Treehouse

And, a little reading here and there.   A few short road trips.    Time with family and friends.    And, always something creative on the agenda!

So there you have it……..a little glimpse of my glorious summer days.    Hope you are having a great summer, too, and making the most out of every precious moment!

And, I hope you’ll keep in touch.    You can find me here: (“Favorite” Judystreehouse on etsy and you’ll see m new listings as they become available) (“Like” and “Follow” JudysTreehouse on Facebook.    From time to time I’ll post items I have in the works, new items, fashion ideas, and just plain cool “shares” of things I find beautiful and interesting.” (closed group but you can request to join to give and get health and fitness inspiration (no solicitors, please) (public group…..just a fun place where I share cool, creative finds and ideas)

Instagram @judystreehouse

Thanks for stopping by.   Have a terrific Day!

Peace Love and Joy!


“My Old Farm Truck – A True Story of Gratitude”

A true story of gratitude.

Yesterday I was washing out my old truck.     It’s a 2007 Chevy Avalanche.    We bought it brand spanking new.    Today it’s showing very obvious signs of age; rust, peeling paint, a few dings and dents here and there, wear and tear on the interior, dirt so worn in it will never come clean.    My initial thought was I need a new truck; this thing looks like crap, people will think we’re yokels (well, maybe they think that anyway but I don’t really care because I like who we are)…….but, then my thoughts began to change; this truck has been so dependable, it still gets us to places we need and/or want to go; we don’t have to spend money on something we don’t really “need” at the moment; we’ve created memories with this truck; road trips, vacations, trips to the “big city” when our grandbabies were born, bamboozlers were born in this truck, up the hills and around the farm watching the stars come out at night.    I’ve always wanted an old farm truck.    And now I realize I have one; created and maintained with our very own loving hands and memories made right here on the farm!    I love my old truck with all of it’s perfect imperfections!

Harvest 2017

Harvest has started a bit late this year.    Little rain and cooler temps over the summer months delayed grain readiness (I know, probably incorrect terminology but you get it).     And now that soybeans and corn are ready to be cut and picked the rain has started……sigh!    But, we will persevere and with God’s help we’ll get this harvest picked, cut, stored or to market before it’s time to plant next year’s crops 🙂   Safety first!

Here are some pics from my “tractor cam” so far this season!    Enjoy!

Cutting Beans


Soybeans at ADM
Soybeans at ADM

Harvest Sunset
Harvest Sunset

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon

My yearly hitchhiker! Spidey. Our agreement…Stay where i can see you and you won’t get squished.

My yearly harvest selfie before I decided to chop off my hair.

My yearly harvest selfie after I chopped off my unruly hair. I like it!

My Hard Working Husband!   LOVE!
My Hard Working Husband! LOVE!

Getting a load of corn from the hill behind our house

Glamour Shot!
Glamour Shot!

Picking end rows

Picking more corn on the hill

Waiting for a load of corn.   Beautiful view behind our homestead
Waiting for a load of corn. Beautiful view behind our homestead

The pleasures of Harvest. Sights, sounds, smells……lovely ZEN moments

Harvest Love!    Thank God I’m a Country Girl!     Blessed!