About Judy’s Treehouse

WelcomeI    And, thank you for your interest in me and the jewelry I create.

Me?   I’m an eccentric, eclectic, somewhat of an introvert with a mix of hippie, gypsy, bohemian, some farm and country flair, and a little bit of grime from the city life I left behind.

I’ve escaped the corporate jungle.   Now I make lovely jewelry and gifts for lovely people, grow my own vegetables, some fruit, herbs and flowers, enjoy the hunt for morels, put a few words together to form a story or a poem, take a few photos to capture some moments (but prefer to live in them), am married to the man I adore, enjoy my wonderfully unique Brady Bunch family, play with my dogs, pet my cat and feed my chickens.     These are just a few of my favorite things.

Simply enjoying my journey until I reach my destination.

What can you expect to receive with a purchase from any of my shops!  I handle all aspects of my small business giving my individual attention to each process and item created from the initial creative thought to the finished product to the listing description, photographs, storage, packaging, shipping, and  delivery.    Quality, attention to detail, uniqueness, transparency, one-on-one handling and communication between the shop owner (me) and the customer (you).  From my hands to yours, your purchase will be handled with honesty and integrity.    This is the beauty of purchasing from a small, handmade shop!     My goal isn’t to achieve six figures in sales.   I’m here for the joy I attain creating something beautiful one piece at a time, providing a lovely shopping experience for each individual, and for the delight that person experiences when they find/receive that perfect, unique something for which they’ve been searching.

My Story!  After years in the corporate world I opted to take a hiatus from my job in the casualty claims insurance industry.   This gave me the opportunity to take my life in a new, exiting, and much different direction, and I found my creative muse.   I started making jewelry in 2011.  My inspiration and creative influences differ daily and so do my designs.  Hodgepodge!?!  Some may think so!    I’m different, so are you, so why not.  Our lives differ from day to day and so do our style needs, demands, and desires.

JudysTreehouse was established in 2014.    It is a registered business in Schuyler County, Illinois.  JudysTreehouse is not a brick and mortar store.    I design and create jewelry, gifts and decor in my home studio, which is not open to the public.  My creations are only available for purchase online.

All of the items you find in JudysTreehouse I’ve created by hand, one piece at a time.    From finding cool and unusual items to work into my designs to patiently assembling each individual piece.    Hand wrapping and hand polishing.    Photographing.   Pricing.   Posting with accurate descriptions.  Careful storage.   Careful packaging.   Quick Shipping.   Each item has its own individual journey before its destination.    And, I enjoy every aspect of it.    Each process helps assure me that I am providing quality pieces at fair and affordable prices.

Handcrafted, Handmade, Hand-assembled.   These are some of the terms associated with jewelry.  All of the items in my shop I’ve hand assembled.   Searching for quality components, wire wrapping beads, stringing beads, applying patinas, etching, cutting, polishing; these are a few of the steps that may go into the making of a single item.   Some of my pieces are hand assembled with prefabricated supplies i.e. quality chains, unique pendants and beads, clasps, etc. which I have sourced and purchased from other suppliers.    Some of my pieces are handmade from scratch; cutting cuff bracelets,  pendants, sun catchers from a sheet of copper or brass metal, sanding, applying etching and patina processes, wire wrapping and polishing.    Dream Catchers are all handcrafted and hand-assembled by me from bending and shaping the wire to create the frame to wrapping the frame and weaving the web with quality unique fibers and threads I’ve searched for and purchased from other suppliers.   So although each individual component in a jewelry piece may not have been entirely made by my hands (chains, pendants, beads, clasps, jump rings) it was my thought process and my hands that have put together, wrapped, cut, bent, created, made, built, assembled using these separate components to complete the final products available in my shop.

I enjoy creating my own designs from scratch, as well.   Cutting shapes from sheets of copper and brass; the feel of the metal heating up as I file, sand and shape; having a bright, shiny, smooth metal canvas to apply a unique design; seeing what develops; wire wrapping; adding finishing touches……it’s all about the journey AND the destination!!   Often it’s a long process from start to finish but well worth the time and patience put into creating that special something.   I’m continuingly searching to learn/develop new techniques  to implement into future designs in an effort to make jewelry and gifts for those of you who love unique, eclectic, unusual styles.

Typically with my listings you’ll find only one or just a few available. Although I may have more than one of any particular item, being assembled by hand can sometimes make exact duplication a challenge not to mention that I often buy just a little bit of this or that to create a diverse array of unique jewelry designs.

I am always on the lookout for unique, earthy elements to add to my inventory.     Gemstones, pearls, crystal, glass, charms, pendants.    There are so many beautiful items with which to create!  I have accumulated a large assortment of unique pieces to work into my designs.

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your interest.

I encourage you to message me with any questions you may have about my shop, products or policies.

Peace Love and Joy!