“Good Intentions”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.    Fall is a busy time of year for us here on the farm with Harvest beginning late August and running through October if we’re lucky enough to have all of the crops in by then.

Harvest 2018 JudysTreehouseHarvest 2018 JudysTreehouse

And, with October comes time to batten down the hatches for winter; raking leaves, cleaning up the gardens, stowing away garden tools, yard decorations, porch furniture…..(although I must admit I wasn’t real good about all of that this year).

fall 2018 Judystreehouse

Followed by November which arrived with unexpected early snow showers.  And then there’s the beginning preparations for the upcoming holidays.

November 2018 JudysTreehouse November 2018 JudysTreehouseChristmas preparations

December arrives with joyous celebrations, family get togethers, last minute shopping, decorating, baking cookies, cooking, cleaning, visiting guests and parties; pure joy mixed in with maybe a little stress?

Christmas JudysTreehouse 2018 judystreehosue christmas decor 2018 beardstown il christmas parade 2018 snowman cookies 2018 judystreehouse christmas cookies 2018 judystreehouse Otis JudysTreehouse 2018

January, 2019 has come and almost gone.   Time really does fly.   Trust me, I’ve witnessed it!    It’s been cold this month……very cold…..extremely cold……bitterly cold!   We’ve had some snow……..a lot of snow……with a generous topping of ice.

JudysTreehouse Winter 2019 winter wonderland 2019 JudysTreehouse snowy farm 2019 JudysTreehouse red barn in winter 2019 JudysTreehouse cows in winter 2019 judystreehouse winter 2019 judystreehouse

My husband has done a fine job of keeping us “dug out” much to my dismay.    Me?   I wanted to stay cocooned in the soft blanket of white serenity and beauty that was surrounding us……..until the spring thaw!   If you live in an area with snow, you may understand; or, you may not.    But, if you do get to experience a snowy day or two and haven’t done so already take a moment to find the joy, it will take your breath away will all of its beauty.    Bundle up, go outside, breathe in the scent of the icy air and snow covered ground, listen to the quiet, see the sparkles of light on the icy surfaces.    It truly is a winter wonderland………

If you don’t “HAVE” to get out in it.    I understand, too, the potential dangers this beautiful, snowy world can harbor.

Beardstown Bridge 2018

For those of you who do not care for winter……..Think Spring!    It is just around the corner…..

Hippie Flower 2018 JudysTreehouse

Now January is coming to an end along with a lot of New Year’s Resolutions I would imagine.     I don’t do the New Year’s Resolution thing but I do have good intentions.    And, one of my good intentions this year is to post here a little more often.      Posting gives me a little time to reflect on events that have come and gone, times cherished, things I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done.   It’s a place to explore and share my creative spirit, some dreams, thoughts, ideas.   Just a little place to store a few memories and to share a bit of myself with those of you who may be interested in knowing a little bit more about the person behind JudysTreehouse.

So there you have it.    A few reasons (excuses) for my brief absence here along with my good intentions moving forward.

Do you journal or blog?    If so, isn’t it rewarding….both during and after?   If not, maybe give it a try…….you never know where your past journeys may take you moving forward.

Have a terrific day!

Peace Love and Joy