From The Tractor Seat “The Apple Worms”

Another little bit from the storybook I created for my grandsons, Alej and Christian.

Written by Judy Rebman
The Apple Worms by Judy Rebman

The Apple Worms


  • I picked an apple from the tree
  •  a worm popped out and said to me
  • You are invading my privacy.
  • This is my house, can’t you see”
  • “You silly old worm,” I said to him,
  •  “It’s not a house that I’m pickin
  • An apple it is I’ve picked from this tree
  • and I’m pickin more, just wait and see”
  • “Now hold on there for just a minute
  •  and I’ll explain why I’m a tenant.
  • I’ve selected this tree for its prime location; next to a creek you see.
  • With sunny mornings and afternoon shade, it’s a perfect locality.”
  • “Why Mr. Worm, I’m so sorry
  • to have invaded your so called privacy
  • But you’ll have to move on and relocate, there isn’t time to waste
  • I’ve apples to pick and pies to bake so its best if you make haste.”
  • “You silly girl I demand you move on to a different kind of tree
  • Each apple here you soon will find is a home to my very large family
  • We’ve lived here for many, many years and have staked our rightly claim
  • So move along, get out of here, we were fine before you came.”
  • “Very well, I’ll move along I do apologize
  • I didn’t mean to cause you harm, I just didn’t realize
  • That an apple could become a house for a wormy family
  • Have a nice day, I’ll be on my way, I’ll go find another tree.”

From The Tractor Seat

November, 2013

By Judy Rebman