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“Summer Solstice”

Summer Solstice is upon us!    I love the magic and beauty summer brings.

Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds in the morning while enjoying coffee on the porch.

Fireflies, crickets, frogs and cicadas with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in the eve.

And in between, blue skies with puffy white clouds or a pop up thunderstorm; I’m sure to enjoy!

The busy sounds of morning with chirping and fussing birds to start the day;  the air conditioner kicking on to combat the midday heat; and, the crescendo of evening critters to lull me to sleep at night.

Waking at midnight to find a full moon highlighting some of the night’s mysteries; wandering outside to soak up the magic of the moon and the stars and the nocturnal activities.

Yes, summertime!     The hustle and bustle of daily life still abounds; and, yet, there is that crazy, lazy peaceful feeling of summer that draws you in.

Summer!   A time to be a kid again; go out and play.     Watch as the clouds create different shapes in the sky; look for four leaf clovers; make a flower chain to weave in your hair; blow on a dandelion and make a wish; take a walk; listen to the music of a flowing creek; name that bird by song or sight; hunt for treasures of nature; fossils, and walking sticks, and other cool bugs; …….find the magic!

Yes, summertime with all of its bountiful blessings!

Some summertime magic from around the farm…..

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“Spring Harvest – Rhubarb”

Harvested my rhubarb today!

My Kitchen Garden at JudysTreehouse

I planted this one plant about four (maybe five….how time flies) years ago in my front kitchen garden.

My Kitchen Garden at JudysTreehouse

I think I read somewhere that it takes two years to establish (like my asparagus, which I no longer have but need to restart….but two years, jeez!…..but again, how time flies so I really should get it started).

Anyway, I was inspired by our friend, Gail, who we were delighted to have come visit us recently here on the farm.   He lives in Iowa, is an avid gardener, nature/farm enthusiast and loves to cook cool and unique delicacies, many of which I’d never tried…..before Gail that is.    Still on the lookout for ground cherries to add to my garden.    His gardens are BEAUtiFul, his home warm and inviting, and his company a pleasure.     Needless to say, we love to visit him, too!

So, during his recent visit and a stroll around my gardens and talking about one of my favorite things….FOOD….we got on the subject of my rhubarb, which had yet to be harvested.     I don’t know, maybe I always thought of rhubarb as old people food, you know, as a kid if someone said rhubarb you’d likely say, YUCK, without even trying it.     Although I try to deny it, I might be getting old.

Gail said he makes a rhubarb salsa which is delish!   He told me how to make it.   (I made him tell me twice but I still didn’t remember….something about blanching it for just a few seconds, adding green onion, maybe some vinegar…..)

Well, today was “one of those days” for me.    I cleaned the house yesterday, Greg’s out in the field getting in the last of the soybeans, I was in a not sure what I want to do mood.    I “thought” I wanted to start on some necklaces but I “really” wanted to finish the book I was reading.    This past week has been difficult for me for some reason.    I’m in some kind of a funk.   Either I sent out some bad karma and it’s coming back at me or my Chi is out of sorts for one reason or another.    Just hard for me to get motivated and in sync with all of the greatness that surrounds me.    So, if you’re reading this, send me some good Karma!   I appreciate it and am sending it back to you.   I digress….But, anyway…..

I finished the book then went outside.    And,  it’s a BEAUtiFul day here today.      And, it’s getting hot!   My gardens could use a little weeding….but it’s getting hot! The weeds can wait till morning because it’s hot!.    (do you see a theme developing).

I took another look at my kitchen garden (overlooking the weeds).   Yesterday I had picked some of my strawberries……oh yea, and while I’m on the subject of my strawberry patch, it’s currently me vs the chipmunks…..

My Strawberry Patch at JudysTreehouseJudy vs the Chipmunks

We’re about 50/50 so I decided to pick some more of my strawberries today……to get ahead of the competition.

While picking strawberries I glanced up at my rhubarb and thought…..Rhubarb Salsa…..why not.      So I harvested my rhubarb for the first time in four/five/six/seven (who’s counting) years.

I think I did a pretty good job of harvesting my plant, cutting the stems with a sharp knife and leaving enough behind to help the plant stay strong (yep, I read up on that a bit!)


Since I couldn’t remember Gail’s rhubarb salsa recipe I headed to Pinterest and found a recipe or two/three/four/five (who’s counting) and added them to my Pinterest Board, Food:   Summer Garden Recipes (you can follow my Pinterest boards, I’m “Judy” (with a sunflower avatar).

And, here’s what developed in my kitchen, from my gardens!

Rhubarb Salsa

Savory Rhubarb Salsa (recipe found on Pinterest, from the website, “Shiny Cooking”).    The rhubarb, green onions and cilantro are from my garden this year.   The peppers, well, too early yet.

and, for my sweet tooth….

Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Cheese Bars

Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Cheese Bars (recipe found on Pinterest, from the website “Beki Cooks Cake Blog”).    Rhubarb and Strawberries (take that chipmunks!) from my gardens.

Haven’t tried them yet but I’m sure they will be most delicious!

And, a little leftover strawberries and rhubarb to my freezer!   Oh, what next awaits my desire to cook something creative!

Stay tuned and have a MARVELOUS weekend!

“Black and White”

Black and White……Together in Perfect Harmony!

One of my all time favorite songs.     Video from YouTube!   Enjoy!

Black and White from around the farm!

Grandma's Old Chicken House 096 Black Snake at JudysTreehouse.jpg Black Snake at JudysTreehouse Black and White Image Flowers Black Butterflies on the FArm Flowers on the Farm Tulips in Black and White Sunflowers and Butterflies Britches the Rooster at JudysTreehouse Cows on the Farm at JudysTreehouse Roses at JudysTreehouse Turtles at JudysTreehouse Flowes at JudysTreehouse Queen Anne's Lace Wild Turkeys at JudysTreehouse Blackberries as big as your thumb Full Moon Where your imagination takes you Flowers from my garden queen anne's lace The Girls Chickens Free Range Chickens Bridgette Moth Morning Glories on the Farm Queen Anne's Lace at JudysTreehouse Happy Chickens Butterflies at JudysTreehouse Ramses watching the snow at the Farm New Life on The Farm JudysTreehouse - Copy New Life on The Farm JudysTreehouse Butterflies at JudysTreehouse Wildlife in Illinois Misty Morning on the Farm Dusk Fox on the Farm Garden in Winter Wildflower Hill Pretty Rooster! Harvest Moon Sign Black Butterflies in my gardens Garden Blessings Beautiful Black Butterflies on the farm Free Range Chickens Night time on the farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the FArm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Christmas on the Farm Farm Living Snowy Pastures Winter Grain Bin on the Farm Winter on the Farm Snowy Creek After the Rain Cute Bulldogs Otis 042 Wildflowers 029 Queen Anne's Lace Daisies Otis in a room full of prisms Spring on the farm Wildflowers in the woods Old Farm Trucks Birdhouses in my gardens White flowers Grandma's Peonies Welcome to the Farm Wildlife in Winter Owl in a Tree Winter on the Farm winter farm pics Peaceful on the farm Snow on the farmFree Falling on the Farm The Buzzard Tree

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Thanks for stopping by!    Have a terrific weekend!




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