It’s Springtime here in Central, Illinois.     The birds are nesting and filling the world around me with their beautiful song and happy chatter.     Bees are buzzing.     Trees are budding.     And beautiful things are popping up all around us.     Here are a few of my spring highlights……

My first outside adventure was to hunt for the elusive morel……..Did I find any?   Well, yes!    But, not enough to fry up a mess of cracker coated goodness…..perhaps next year.      But, here are a few of the treasures I found during my two day, 3 hour hikes in the woods…..

IMG_9186 IMG_9197 IMG_9182 IMG_9202 IMG_9098 IMG_9087 IMG_9031 IMG_9188 IMG_9065IMG_9096 IMG_9066 IMG_9102 IMG_9058 IMG_9120


Although Otis got to tag along on my first journey, it was only a short hike for him.   He was breathing too loud, chasing the mushrooms away, and then decided to take a roll about in the dirt and dust and cow paddies……so, home he must go!


A week or so after my wild wood adventure I was able to traipse around my (so called) yard looking for signs of spring and trying my best to overlook the abundance of weeds and yard clean up awaiting me.

I found little blooms of wild purple violets  and golden dandelions.

IMG_8984 IMG_8947

My phlox, a lovely light purple blanket spread about in my front garden.


My lilac bushes in full bloom.    Beautiful white and purple blossoms with their heady fragrance.    (I have a lilac story for you but I’ll save that for another post).

IMG_9473 IMG_9139

Only a couple of tulips and daffodils decided to unfurl their inner beauty.

IMG_9083 IMG_9082

On the bloom front, my clematis are just about ready to burst and my day lilies are grassy and green preparing for their upcoming display.

IMG_9472 IMG_9470

From my front kitchen/herb garden, we’ve already enjoyed some chives, the strawberries are in bloom, the rhubarb is up (although I have yet to make that strawberry rhubarb pie and/or cake), and the lemon balm and mint are spreading about.

IMG_9306 IMG_8989IMG_8991

And, those were the fun part of my spring explorations!

And now, after appraising my situation, I’ve decided it’s time to get down and dirty.   I can put it off no longer.

So, for the past two days I’ve been weeding and hoeing and weeding and raking and weeding and tilling and weeding……did I mention I’ve been weeding!   Let me show you what I’m up against…..

IMG_9437 IMG_9449 IMG_8986 IMG_9483 IMG_9466 IMG_9461


Not to mention Otis, who has to follow me everywhere and isn’t too proud about where he does his business (but I still love him like crazy).   And a few chickens and a rooster who love to free range and also aren’t too shy about their business practices…..

IMG_8951 IMG_8972

And I haven’t even started on the back yard or vegetable gardens….

But, here’s what I’ve managed to accomplish in the past two days…..

First off, the chickens and rooster are now “cooped up” much to their dismay.   Unfortunately, this is how it must be while I am cleaning up the gardens and planting new seeds and plants.   But, fortunately, they have this nice “resort” for their safety and comfort!


Otis, he’ll just hang out on the porch where he can keep an eye on me.   This is a picture from last year…..too busy right now to stop what I’m doing to take a picture of my napping dog!  (No matter how cute he is!)


My wildflower hill has been tilled and planted.   And this morning, while I was blogging here, we had a little rain shower….hopefully enough to start some germination.


The east side yard has been tilled and I’m working on a small drainage issue.


I’ve managed to get some weed control in the front flower beds.


I’ve tilled and weeded and planted more wildflowers outside of the side porch and Greg’s office!


I managed a “rough” till on the west side of the house.   This is where I’m planning a “fall” garden with pumpkins, gourds, sunflowers (well, not really fall but they will look lovely here), and Indian corn.    And, I’m so excited…..I found some seeds for plants that are supposed to produce blue pumpkins!   And, I have some seeds for some funky gourds, too.    Joy, joy!


A few herbs are ready for my kitchen garden….

IMG_9467 IMG_9466

And I still have a few more weeds to annihilate.   Yea, like that’s ever going to happen……weeds are a never ending challenge!   And a lot more roses and flowers and herbs to plant….     And, yes, we need to redo the front sidewalk and fence but these I’ll need some help with.     They are currently in the planning stages……right, Greg?


Does it sound like I’m complaining?    Well, probably does!    But, not entirely.    It’s a labor, yes!    But, it’s a labor of love!

And, it’s therapy……..for the Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul!

So, go ahead, plan your garden!   Pull your weeds!     Plant your seeds!    And enjoy all of the beauty that will grow, inside and around you!     And, don’t forget to share the glory!

I wish you a wonderful and Blessed day.      Blessed and Thankful are we!

Peace Love and Joy


P.S.  Hi Gail!