Angel Coins…….Coins from Heaven

I believe………


This is my jar of dimes.   Not just any old dimes, they’re special.     You may have heard that old saying (or song) “Pennies From Heaven”

What a beautiful song…..(link copied from youtube)

Like pennies from heaven, I receive dimes from heaven and/or my guardian angel perhaps.     It’s true!     And, I believe.

I’m not sure when I started actually “noticing” these dimes that would show up out of place and for no apparent reason.        On a step as I was climbing the stairs from my basement…….the steps that I had just gone down but hadn’t noticed a dime.          On the kitchen counter plain as day.    In a shoe….yes, a shoe.       In my pocket…….might seem a normal place but why in my pocket where the only thing I keep is a tissue.     In the washing machine, again might appear a normal place always just one single dime.      On a couch cushion.

Yes, all seemingly normal places to find a stray coin but for me it’s always that one single dime.   No other coins.   It shows up out of the blue……shiny and bright………all by itself……..for me to find!     And that is my way of knowing that it is a special coin.     I see it.    I notice it.    I pick it up and pause.      Always, always makes me smile and brings me a feeling of peace, an affirmation that things are as they should be.     It is a gift, a sign, a message of hope and joy.

Somewhere along the way I decided these little tokens of love, encouragement, peace, joy, remembrance needed to be gathered and kept…….so here they are, in a pretty little vase on my desk.

They don’t come often which makes them so very special.

Maybe you’ve noticed your guardian angel, too.     I believe we all have one, they just show themselves in different ways.    Some may be in a different realm of existence, some may be living breathing people.      Sometimes you see them, that person that pops up out of no where with a word or action that was just the message you needed.    Sometimes you may not.    But they’re there.

I was a bit hesitant to share this story, not because I was afraid you’d find me strange, but because I wanted to keep it to myself, it’s special, it’s mine.     But, no, I decided to share because I do believe.    And with belief comes hope.    And with hope comes strength.   And with strength comes action.     And with action comes results.

So believe……in yourself……and in God…….and in Guardian Angels…….and in “Pennies From Heaven” and do things, good things, with this amazing life……and you will find your way!

Goldenrod and Monarch Butterflies
Goldenrod and Monarch Butterflies

Spring is in the air……

Ahhhhhh……..spring is in the air here in the Midwest.    Yesterday I was out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.     Raking leaves, cleaning up last year’s garden, chickens free ranging once again, birds and bees out and about!      Country tranquility……good for the heart and soul.

I am so ready for this……

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Pictures from my gardens 2015 and 2016……

Though might get more of this…….


Picture of the creek that runs along our lane.  Feb, 2016

But that’s okay…..

Soon, I’ll be able to be out and about creating in my gardens…..lovely flowers, herbs, and fresh vegetables.    Attracting birds, bees and butterflies……

Until then, I will be creating in my studio………..lovely hearts and flowers, crosses and angels, dreams and wishes, birds and butterflies….and a few new and unique designs in the making       Cool and unusual jewelry, gifts and treasures handmade for you or that someone special.     Like these………


Keep working at it until your dreams come true!
Keep working at it until your dreams come true!

IMG_8982PMBX5112019 (2)CTFV8863

Just like the weather, things are always changing in my treehouse.      So, be sure to check in from time to time to find that perfect necklace or pair of earrings to go with your new spring style, or that perfect gift for your cool hippie chic friend, or a little note card to brighten someone’s day…….

Have a wonderful day.    Thanks for visiting!   Happy Spring!