Des Moines, Iowa

What a Wonderful World..
What a Wonderful World..

Just returned from a trip to Des Moines, Iowa.        Our main purpose for this road trip was to attend the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

The Farm Progress Show was great.    So many people in attendance, young and old, male and female.     It does my heart good to see so many young people interested in agriculture and farming today.      And, the technology is unbelievable!     Also, very happy to see some of today’s farming thoughts and ideas trending towards cover crops and organic.     Check out Practical Farmers of Iowa.

Des Moines, IA is one of our most favorite places to visit.     The people of Des Moines are so unbelievably friendly and supportive of their city, state, and business.

The city itself is so beautiful and clean.   We stay downtown and love it.   So much to do and see within walking distance.     But, if you prefer to drive, getting around is no big deal and traffic has never been a problem for us, even during rush hour.

The drive for us is about 4.5 hours.    I must say that Iowa has some beautiful farm country.    This is a very beautiful drive, relaxing without a lot of heavy traffic.    And, very clean.   You won’t see a lot of trash along the roadways, weeds in the medians, etc.

A great little two day road trip for us.     Had a fantastic time.

Some of our favorite stops this trip………

  • Our dear friend Gail.    Always love spending time with him.     One of our favorite people.     Not only do we enjoy his company, but his recommendations on where to go, what to see, what to do and good food finds never disappoints.  He always turns us on to something new to try out in Des Moines!  Thank you Gail.
  • Found Things.     An awesome antique store downtown.     Lots of great finds and a shop we go back to again and again.   Marsha is supper sweet and also very helpful in recommending other shops in the area that may have similar items we are looking for.    Very supportive of her community!   Check out here facebook page FoundThings.
  • Valley Junction.   Lots of cool little shops.    Quaint, friendly, and another place we go back to again and again.    Found some great items and friendly people.   Another place where you will find a supportive community.    I love this!   Found some awesome Mexican Pottery Bowls and Whiskey Decanter at Memory Lane Antiques.     Also found some more gorgeous tea cups and saucers at Que Sera.   Love the set up of both shops as well as the chats about dogs and cats and vacations and raccoons in the kitchen!
  • Probably gained a few pounds but well worth it……..good eats this trip at:
  • Vesuvius Wood-Fired Pizza in Ames, IA.   Had lunch here.   Great thin crust pizza and salads.
  • Alba Restaurant in downtown Des Moines, IA.    Had dinner here.     Unique menu items and Amazing flavors!   The food here was delicious.     Loved the ambiance, as well.
  • LaMie.    A must for breakfast (and probably lunch, too).     Hot breakfast items and outstanding pastries.    Their sandwiches looked great, too, but a person can only eat so much in one day.   Will definitely be back.
  • Embassy Suites downtown.     This is where we usually stay.    Friendly, accommodating staff.   Good location.    Clean rooms and well kept lobby area.
  • And, so many more places we didn’t get to this trip but there’s always next time…..